Braising Pans Electric

Prime Cooking Electric, Braising Pans Electric, Electrolux 586270
Electrolux 586270

AISI 304 stainless steel construction. GN compliant pan size; 18mm thick pan bottom (15mm mild steel and 3 mm AISI 316 stainless steel). Insulated and counterbalanced lid. Motorized tilting with variable speed control. Pan can be tilted beyond 90° to completely empty the food. The electric heating elements are mounted under the well. Safety thermostat protects the pan from overheating. A precise, electronic control of pan bottom temperature ensures fast reaction and exact adherence to preselected cooking temperatures between 50° and 250°C. Automatic steam elimination at the end of the cooking cycle.It can be used for poaching or steaming (with the lid open); simmering and boiling (with open or closed lid); pressure cooking of multiple produces possible thanks to the use of suspended GN 1/1 containers. TOUCH control panel. SOFT function. PRESSURE function. Possibility to store recipes in single or multiphase cooking process, with different temperature settings. Built in temperature sensors for precise control of cooking process. IPX6 water resistant. Configuration: Free-standing or Standing against a wall. Installation options (not included): floor mounted on 200mm high feet or a plinth which can be either steel or masonry construction.

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Prime Cooking Electric, Braising Pans Electric, Falcon Groen BPM-40E
Falcon Groen BPM-40E

The Groen BPM-40E braising pan is suitable for large scale, institutional catering. 181 litre model (40 gallons).

Heavy duty, stainless steel pan.
Robust and heard wearing.
Smooth action pan tilt
23 turns to full tilt
Heavy duty cover with condensate unit
Retains heat during cooking and protects contents.
Faucet bracket supplied for tap accessory
Specify tap at time of order

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