Pasta makers

Metcalfe FPM013 - Tagliatelle

FPM013 - Tagliatelle FOR PM2.5

If ordered on its own a different discount will apply

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Food Preparation, Pasta makers, Metcalfe PM4 5PM04
Metcalfe PM4 5PM04

Pasta Maker

Heavy duty machine designed to produce fresh egg pasta

4kg capacity

Stainless steel basin and kneader

Dough is extruded through brass/bronze alloy nozzles producing perfectly shaped pasta

Ingredients are added to the machine, mixed and kneaded before being extruded through traditional bronze dies

Friction created by the bronze creates an authentic rough surface which allows the pasta to hold sauce much better than pasta made by any other method

A choice of 14 extrusion dies available

One extrusion die included with each machine, please specify type of nozzle required when ordering

A stand is available as an optional extra for this machine

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